Can fear be helpful for achieving your goals?

I get really afraid sometimes, like the rest of the world. Especially when I know that I’m doing things that I’m not expected to do, bigger than what I know I do well. And, because I know that anxiety can get in the way of my actions, I apply a trick that I’ve learned from one the wonderful blogs I read. (You can go to my twitter page to see who I follow to get an idea of what I’m talking about)

I ask myself: “What is the worst that could happen?

Usually, in real life, it’s still not going to be the worst thing I had imagined.

Still, just to be sure,  I make a mindmap with all the possible problems and how I’d overcome them in case they do happen. Basically, I make simple risk management on a personal (or project-related) level. That way, I can handle emergencies with calm and be prepared when others were overly optimistic and just hoped for the best outcome without questioning.

Face your monster – and you could find out that it was just a little bunny projecting a scary shadow on the wall. Expect the best, be prepared for the worst. (old sayings)

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